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I’m gonna tie one on!

sollybaby wrap

I’m pretty excited about my happy mail yesterday. My new baby wrap from SollyBaby arrived. It’s soooooo beautiful and sooooo soft. It’s hand-dyed and gorgeous. I’m a little skeered to try to tie it on – I have images of me bondaged up like a human pretzel, but according to the ohsohelpfullooking instructions, I am a mere 10 steps away from wearing a newborn like a pro! I have a feeling  photos or a video will be coming, at least for the comic relief I’m sure they will provide. I’m determined not to be lugging a 1,000 lb infant car seat around every day when we’re out and about so this little is going to get “worn”. Can’t wait!!


Walt Disney World Wednesday 9/10

Disney world shopping

Ahhhh, the shopping….


Disney World Shopping

I have no problem admitting I am as bad or worse than my kids when it comes to wanting to hit everysinglegiftshop in the World. I don’t know what they pump into these places (besides the glorious air-conditioning), but Disney does merchandising right. I want to pour over every display, soaking in the colorful characters and then scoop it all up and take it with me. Or better yet, have it sent back to the hotel so it’s waiting for me when I get back! Now’s that service!