Cars Lightning McQueen Bedroom


So basically this is what happens when a dad gets to completely design a room for his little boy. A creative Dad thinks of things like CRAZYBRIGHT red walls, a yellow ceiling, orange closet doors and “The King Blue” toy box. See that yellow and blue train table? It was white, green and dirty and on the curb with a sign that read “FREE!” a few years ago. I had to channel my inner picker and drag it home with me.

I am so happy my boys have a dad that’s want to make their Cars dreams come true. Because my first reaction to a bed shaped like a race car I usually something along the lines of, “Nope, I’m pretty sure we don’t need one of those!”. Well, it turns out we actually did need one of those — and now we have one! They’ve redesigned them slightly, but now the new version has working headlights! Get ’em while you can – they sell out for looooong stretches.

There are still a few finishing touches, like the wall behind the bed and a few more posters to go up. The wall behind his bed is going to be epic. It’s a huge mural that will take up the entire wall with a Radiator Springs mountain scene and winding road. I can’t wait to get it up, probably in the next week or so because I think the dad is dying even more!

The awesome Rocket Red Zinger retro ceiling fan is from and it was a perfect match for the custom-made Lightning McQueen Fan Blades Kevin found on Ebay.




Aquarius Nation Personalized Astrology Birth Chart Book Review

Aquarius Nation personalized birth chart book

I’ve been a fan of KV / Aquarius Nation for a few years now. She’s a light worker in this world and a really good soul. She puts out the BEST monthly horoscopes I’ve ever read. I look forward to them each month as they are packed with helpful info. She never fails to deliver a timely message just when I need it. So when I followed one of her links to her Etsy shop I was intrigued by her listing for a personalized birth chart book. I won’t go over everything she includes in a book but you can read the listing for a book right here. She makes some bold claims as to what you might see in your personalized book, but knowing how useful I found her horoscopes, I was intrigued by what a personalized book might include so I ordered one of my own.


Wow. Wow. Wow.

The word life-changing can be thrown around a lot on the internet. Lots of links to life changing habits, life changing diets, life changing organizational hacks, etc. In reality any of those things has the potential to be life changing, IF you actually do the work to change your life. In this case, KV delivers. My book was FILLED with insights and relevant tidbits about my life. Things that there are NO way KV could have known, even IF (and she doesn’t) she delved deep, deep, deep into my personal history. There are things that I didn’t think were relevant the first time I read though the book but when I went back I realized that those things had happened, manifested or presented themselves in the meantime. There are some pages where my mouth was just open and I was gasping. Like unbelievable predictions that I would have not seen coming in a million years and then there werethose things were happening in the background that I wasn’t even aware of. In addition to the personal insights, she includes clarity on so many of my life’s goals, talents and callings. I can honestly say that almost every single page included something useful to me. I go back to my book often as a helpful reminder of the path I’m on and I’m always glad I did.

KV/Aquarius Nation can also be found here… Aquarius Nation websiteInstagram and Facebook.

Thank you so much for sharing your insights with the world, KV!!:)