Art Stuffs

“We’re” (poor Kev is doing all the work) in the ugly super exciting phase of getting all new flooring in our house. It’s backbreaking, painful (with hopefully only 1 trip to the ER) work. It will be beautiful once the work is complete. Right now it’s a large dose of chaos and craziness. Nothing is where is should be and everything seems to be in the way. All first world problems, I know. The exciting part, for me, is that in the middle of all the mess, I had to take almost. every. single. item. out of my beautiful scrapbook closet. The plain, white doors had to come off to be replaced with paneled doors which are being stained right now. So anyway, had to empty all the goodies out of the door organizers and off the countertop. The real fun will be in putting everything away in just the right spot. For awhile now, my craft supplies have been fighting for attention. It’s mostly paints vs. mixed media vs. scrapbooking vs. project life vs. misc. *almost completed* knitting projects vs. random crafty objects that I *might* need one day. I should get an award just for fitting all that in a closet, right? Not sure which crafty goodness will take priority over another, but it’s just fun to fondle everything as you search for the perfect spot!

Anyway…. as I was moving all my delicious goodies out of the way, my sweet 13 year old was going thru my ever growing stack of practice art. It was fun to see some of the very first attempts and some of the horrific fails. I suppose even the fails aren’t really. I most likely learned what didn’t work and I had fun, so it’s all a win, I guess. It’s been a little less than a year since I took my first online art class and it’s been life changing. I have always wandered thru the paint aisle at the craft store, but never knew what to do with any of it. After taking a few online classes and learning what all the supplies were for and how they worked together or not, I really wanted to get my hands full of paint. So that’s just what I’ve done over the last 10 months and it’s been so much fun.

I’m really looking forward to getting all my stuff back where I can see it and use it. Painting (even badly) is fun and relaxing. Here are a few of my “learning experiences”.

Have a great weekend!

Eau Claire Art Stuffs (2 of 34) copy
Eau Claire Art Stuffs (4 of 34) copy
Eau Claire Art Stuffs (6 of 34) copy
Eau Claire Art Stuffs (9 of 34) copy
Eau Claire Art Stuffs (11 of 34) copy
Eau Claire Art Stuffs (15 of 34) copy
Eau Claire Art Stuffs (18 of 34) copy
Eau Claire Art Stuffs (32 of 34) copy

Pantry & Laundry Room Makeover

What started out as a living room/kitchen/dining room/pantry floor update has taken a small detour because my husband is so massively sweet to me. I have mentioned before that I’d like to have a colorful laundry room & pantry. He said as long as he was replacing all the trim, doors, etc. that this would be an easy time to repaint. He didn’t have to ask me twice. That night he picked up samples of yellows and the next morning he got started.:)

It’s so cheerful and bright, but not hurt-your-eyes-bright.  I LOVE IT!!






Arizona Backyard

I am missing these views today. Photo taken from our Gold Canyon, AZ backyard. They don’t make views like this in the burbs!

Gold Canyon AZ, BLM State Land