Walt Disney World Wednesday – Visions of Disney Goodness

So I have what I call these Disney “Visions”. Just random Disney World images or memories will just pop into my head during the day.  Sometimes it’s brought on by a smell (the smell of the outdoor grills at my local AJ’s remind me of a restaurant in Epcot’s World Showcase) or a reminder of a past park experience (seeing my white socks glow in a black-lit museum exhibit makes me think of riding on any of the Disney dark-rides), etc.

This is a great talent to have when you have an upcoming vacation counting down on your calendar. It’s more of a curse when you do not. I guess I should think of it as a cheap vacation. Actually I think I probably take more WDW vacations because of my visions – I’m like a real, live vision board.  More often than not, a real life WDW trip is preceded by daily Disney visions. The more often they start happening, the closer the next trip is. It doesn’t even matter that I don’t currently have a trip planned, or especially that I don’t have an extra $10K sitting around (I currently don’t have the first $10K sitting around much less the extra $10K!), they just sort of evolve into happening. It’s like it’s out of my control, once it begins I am powerless to fight it. Things just fall into place and serendipitous, randomness will bring the trip into being and before I know it I’m eyeball deep into WDW trip planning goodness.

I can tell when I am overdue for a Disney vacation because the visions come more often and seem so real. I am instantly transported back to Disney World – I can actually feel like I’m really there. Wherever that image takes me, I know what it smells like, what the sun feels like on my shoulders, what the blast of cool air conditioning feels like coming out of the open gift shop doors and what sounds I’d be hearing around me if I were there. I know, I know, it’s (or I am) a little freakish…

Some of my Visions of Disney Goodness:

I know before long I’ll hear a boat horn letting me know a boat is just about to pull up to the pier. I can hear the lapping of the waves below me and I am constantly worried about how many alligators are waiting for one of my little kids to fall into this dark water. The people getting off the boat are all dressed up for a dinner at the Polynesian’s nightly luau and frankly I’m more than a little envious of them – dressed up and kid free for a night out that does not involve chicken nuggets and cups with tops of them, while I’m waiting on this pier worrying about the damn gators.
Ahh, Dumbo – a long, hot wait for an overbeforeyouknowit ride on a flying elephant, but I’m actually standing in Fantasyland and the excitement is all around me.
Sweet delight – when I see this sight I know I’ve just spent the morning living it up in the parks, my room has been cleaned, the a/c is running and now it’s time to put on our suits and go for a swim.
What about you? Do you (day) dream of Disney between trips?