Life Cycles

Do you find yourself experiencing various life cycles? Maybe it’s the ebb and flow of picking up new hobbies or interests? I’m feeling it lately. Kevin and I have been here for 5 years and I’m feeling the need to do a major declutter and spring cleanse of sorts. I’m the first one to admit I easily (too easily) collect/purchase items on a whim, but lately I feel so heavy with possessions. I see things all around me that I no longer use or appreciate as much as I once did. I sometimes hold on to things just because it’s easier than doing something about it. I’m feeling more in the mood to switch things up a bit.

As I walk from room to room, I’m going to collect the items that I no longer LOVE and sell/donate them. I think there will be a few benefits as I do this. In addition to someone else possibly loving something I no longer do, I think I will be freeing up the space for us – both mentally and physically. At the very least there will be a few less places for dust to collect!

Started going through my scrapbook closet yesterday and in just an hour my sweet villager Katie helped me gather two heaping boxes of items I didn’t think i would ever get around to using. I think, especially with scrapbooking sometimes less really is more. I can remember times I’ve sat down to scrapbook and have been overwhelmed with all the choices so much that I end up not doing anything at all. I think by getting rid of a lot some of it I will actually find it easier to be productive when I do have time to sit down and create.

What are you holding on to that you no longer need/love/want?