My Disney World Bucket List

I’ve written a must-eat list before and I’ve written a fun-things-to-do list before, but I’ve never written a Disney-themed “Bucket List”.

I don’t keep of any sort of real-life bucket list because I’m already living that dream, I have very attainable low standards, so it’s a rather short list.

But just like Mommy Frog of Undercover Tourist, a Disney Bucket List was something I could wrap my Mickey Ears around.

People watching at Disney World

1. Take time out to people watch – I’d like a few hours to just mill around, grab a bite to eat and just soak it all in – alone and without any littles telling me how boooooored they are.

Photo Safari at Disney World

2. Kevin + Cameras = Good Times – I’d love to have an afternoon or a portion of a few days at the different parks to just walk around with Kev and take photos. He has a great eye and captures amazing shots so I’d love to go on a private Disney photo safari with Kev.

3. Disney Blogger – I’d love to be paid to do dining, resort & park reviews – a girl can dream, right? Naturally, I’d also need a yearly, two-week paid vacay as part of my “research” – how else will I get new material for these exciting blog posts? 😉

4. Walk with Walt – I do realize this one is impossible, but when I dream, I go big. I’d love to take a walk thru either the Magic Kingdom or Epcot with Walt – like ghost-style so no one else could see us. I’d love to see what he thought of his visions that came to life as well as what he thinks of the direction the parks took after he was gone. I’d love to watch him watch his guests discovering the magic. So many things I’d want to see through his eyes.

5. Stay in the Polynesian Resort’s King Kamehameha Suite  – I’d bask in that luxury like nobody’s business. But mostly I’d hang around on the balcony – cause don’t you always wonder exactly who is staying there?

Sleeping in Cinderella

6. I’d like to sleep in the Castle. How neat would it be to be sleeping IN the Magic Kingdom, IN Cinderella’s castle? Dreamy. I’d love to see the park at night as it sleeps. Maybe Walt can be found roaming around and I can cross off #4?

7. Split Stays – From now on, I’d like to start splitting stays. There are some Epcot area resorts I’d love to try, but I can’t ever seem to betray my true, Polynesian love. If I knew I was splitting the stay and could safely end at the Poly, I think I would have the best of both worlds. Of course this takes me back to #3 and those paid-for two week stays because lounging at the Poly for less than a full week would be unbearable.

What about you? Do you have a Disney Bucket List? I’d love to hear yours! Leave me a comment if you get a chance!