Cars Lightning McQueen Bedroom


So basically this is what happens when a dad gets to completely design a room for his little boy. A creative Dad thinks of things like CRAZYBRIGHT red walls, a yellow ceiling, orange closet doors and “The King Blue” toy box. See that yellow and blue train table? It was white, green and dirty and on the curb with a sign that read “FREE!” a few years ago. I had to channel my inner picker and drag it home with me.

I am so happy my boys have a dad that’s want to make their Cars dreams come true. Because my first reaction to a bed shaped like a race car I usually something along the lines of, “Nope, I’m pretty sure we don’t need one of those!”. Well, it turns out we actually did need one of those — and now we have one! They’ve redesigned them slightly, but now the new version has working headlights! Get ’em while you can – they sell out for looooong stretches.

There are still a few finishing touches, like the wall behind the bed and a few more posters to go up. The wall behind his bed is going to be epic. It’s a huge mural that will take up the entire wall with a Radiator Springs mountain scene and winding road. I can’t wait to get it up, probably in the next week or so because I think the dad is dying even more!

The awesome Rocket Red Zinger retro ceiling fan is from and it was a perfect match for the custom-made Lightning McQueen Fan Blades Kevin found on Ebay.