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Instagram Fun & Printing Instagram Pictures

Are you on Instagram? Are you totally and completely addicted like I am? I knew it would be a sweet love affair seconds after I downloaded it. The filters, the frames, the ease of pushing content across multiple social media platforms with the touch of a button! I love my big camera and luscious lenses […]

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What love looks like – Photography Edition

Ok, so love looks like a lot of things to me depending on the day, the time, the mood, etc. One day it might look like this. Another day it looks like this. Today I think it looks like this. For my cyber-land photo friends please know that these were not all just purchased at […]

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Score one for me! It was on Etsy, I was on Etsy and the rest is history. So happy that this beauty will soon be on it’s way to me! The perfect newborn photo prop – can’t wait!

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