On my Bookshelf: Coloring Birds & Somerset Studio


somerset studio magazine

Books are my weakness. And art supplies. And paper. And scrapbook supplies. And fabric. Ok do I have a few.  Back to the books. I love my books!

coloring birds, adult coloring books

Today I found a clearance priced book that I can’t wait to cut up and use for collage. 

coloring birds book, adult coloring books

I was thinking of using the colored versions in layers on some art and then using the ready-to-color drawings and some tracing paper when I’d like to “draw” a bird directly onto the background. 

It even comes with a key in the front with even more images to use.  😍

I also picked up the latest issue of Somerset Studio. I love all the magazines in the Somerset line but I only treat myself to one every now and then. This one looks like it’s full of juicy art stuffs and I can’t wait to start pouring over it tonight when all the littles are in bed. 💤😊

Liquitex Pouring Medium


liquitex pouring medium and pebeo studio acrylic  on encaustic board
I loooooove pouring medium. It’s one of those mediums that never turn out exactly the same way twice. I’m pretty sure it’s a form of sorcery. 

Today my sweet babe took an unexpected (but only 15 minute) nap. As soon as I realized his little peepers were shut I RAN to get my apron on and supplies assembled. Pouring medium is MESSY and it’s best to be as prepared as possible. At least the way I do it. 😂 Maybe there’s a better way? Nah! 


liquitex pouring medium
Today I mixed my Pebeo Studio Acrylic (hola scrumptious colors) directly with Liquitex Pouring Medium in little individual bottles. I applied the mixture directly to my encaustic board. You don’t have to use encaustic board, I happened to get a pack of them on clearance. I love them. 😍 I hoard them. I covet them. This was my last one. I am now a little sad-ish. 

After the paint had been poured, there wasn’t enough fluidity for it to move around like I wanted so I added more of the pouring medium on top of the mixed paint. I tilted this way, then that way and watched the magic happen. The colors swirled and mixed delightfully right before me eyes (FYI – I said that in me pirate voice). 

The photos above are after the first pour. I’ll probably pour a few coats because I like how it looks when it’s all smooth and shiny and thick. Maybe I’ll find a quote and stamp it on the surface?  I’ll have to wait to see if my tiny boss will take another snooze! 💤

On My Bookshelf: Daring Adventures in Paint by Mati Rose

I LOVE this book. I say that a lot when it comes to the art books I have. What can I say? I choose well! 😉


This book is overflowing with creative goodness. In addition to the art instruction there are also inspiring sections about Mati’s artist friends. There is a ton of practical workshop-type instruction included as well as encouraging and motivating art/life advice. 


It’s one of those books that will have you jumping out of your chair and grabbing your art supplies so you can *do* instead of just reading about a technique. She explains everything in a very easy to understand format and the step by step, color photos are dreamy. 


You can buy her book Daring Adventures in Paint: Find Your Flow, Trust Your Path, and Discover Your Authentic Voice-Techniques for Painting, Sketching, and Mixed Media HERE
You can visit Mati’s site here

Here’s the very beginning of a project inspired by this book.