Abstract Arrows

abstract arrows, tracy eau claire, pebeo paints, acrylic, michaels canvas

Ahhhhh, deep breath. Smile. That’s exactly how I feel right now, with a healthy dose of giddy thrown in. My itty bitty took a quick nap this morning (all the other smalls & mediums were still sleeping) so I pulled out some of my favorite colors together (which is hard when they are ALL my favorite colors), grabbed a 12 x 12 canvas and got to work. I’m not sure how this piece will ultimately end up, but for right now it makes me smile and it was relaxing to paint. Aaaaannnnd the wee one is now letting me know that playtime is over. Well, my playtime anyway – his is just getting started!:)

Have a happy Tuesday – hope you can make some time to create something today!

abstract arrows, tracy eau claire, pebeo paints, acrylic, michaels canvas
abstract arrows, tracy eau claire, pebeo paints, acrylic, michaels canvas
abstract arrows, tracy eau claire, pebeo paints, acrylic, michaels canvas

Encaustic Art

encaustic art,  encaustic photography, encaustic wax

Ahhhh, Encaustic Art…. 😍 The textures, the colors, the process. Swoon.

From Wikipedia…

Encaustic painting, also known as hot wax painting, involves using heated beeswax to which colored pigments are added. The liquid or paste is then applied to a surface—usually prepared wood, though canvas and other materials are often used.

Soooooo, I have been wanting to dive in for a while. Not sure when I first saw it but seeing the rows of yummy, colorful blocks of wax at Blicks probably pushed me over the edge.

dick blicks art supplies, encaustic wax supplies, r&F encaustics

But there’s a lot-o-stuff you need to get started. It’s not exactly a make-do-with-the-hoard-you-already-have type of thing. It’s a you’re-gonna-need-an-all-new-hoard type of thing. As I’ve pointed out before, I art in thy closet. Literally. Even on my best day, when I’ve just cleaned the counter, there is not enough room (or fresh air, as toxic fumes can result) in da-closet-o-craft for a griddle up in there.

I thought I might create an outdoor space, but let’s be serious it was 111 degrees in the shade the other day so – no.

So I had put the encaustic idea away in my wish list for a few month. There was just too much that I didn’t know and didn’t have.  Untilllllll I saw a post from Ivette Newport advertising her online workshop, Whimsical Portraits and Dreamy Landscapes. BAM! Just like that I knew I had to do it because THAT is the dreamy look that’s always in my brain.

whimsical portraits and dreamy landscapes, encaustic photography, encaustic art,

So, thanks to my dear, sweet husband who indulges me in ways he has no knowledge of, Ivy Newport and Amazon Prime, within 48 hours we had a mini, yet fully functional encaustic wonderland in our kitchen. 👍

what supplies do you need for encaustic painting

Ohmygosh – every part of the encaustic art process is SO much fun. I’m still in an experimenting phase, but it’s super interesting to see what works and how to fine-tune an idea to work once it’s melted. 😂 (See photo below of swirly cactus that was moving as the wax above it was melting – oops!)

The finished result is dreamy and scrumptious. The wax hardens to somewhat hardened surface and little imperfections in both your substrate and wax surfaces really make the finished piece unique.

I’m looking forward to more time spent creating again today. The ideas are overflowing and the wax is melting!

I love scouting Instagram for inspiration as well as posting pics now and then. Are you on Instagram? I’d love to follow you there! Here I am if you’d like to be Insta-Friends… 😊 📷 http://instagram.com/tracy_eauclaire

Red Rubber Hand-Carved Stamps

speedball, red rubber, hand-carved stamps, handcarved, homemade stamps

Ohmy! Now this is fun! I’ve had the slab-o-rubber and the tool for months. Why did I wait so long to play with them??? I think I waited in part because I thought it was going to be difficult to carve. I was so wrong. The rubber cuts like butter!

I just want a few rustic/rough cut stamps in shapes I use over and over. I’m already compiling a mental list of what shapes I want to create.

The Speedball tool I purchased comes with a variety of cutting nibs and has a super handy storage compartment built into the handle.

Purchase Speedball Tool HERE via my Amazon Affiliate link

Purchase Speedball Speedy-Carve Carving Block HERE via my Amazon Affiliate Link