Space to Play

ira glass creative process

Sometimes it’s fun to play for no other reason than to experiment and have fun. Actually if I ever hope to create something meaningful, it’s a necessity. How else do you fill those 10,000 hours (if you need to) on your way to learn a craft?

I constantly have to remind myself of this oh-so-good talk on the creative process by Ira Glass.

I have an image in my head of what I want to create. So when it doesn’t work out like I imagined I sometimes want to just say forget it, toss it all in the trash and find another hobby. But I don’t. Because I want to get better. I want to keep practicing and keep learning so that someday the picture in my head does show up on my canvas.

keep making art

This weekend’s attempt at art, however, will be chalked up to play and practice and experimentation.

On my Bookshelf: Coloring Birds & Somerset Studio


somerset studio magazine

Books are my weakness. And art supplies. And paper. And scrapbook supplies. And fabric. Ok do I have a few.  Back to the books. I love my books!

coloring birds, adult coloring books

Today I found a clearance priced book that I can’t wait to cut up and use for collage. 

coloring birds book, adult coloring books

I was thinking of using the colored versions in layers on some art and then using the ready-to-color drawings and some tracing paper when I’d like to “draw” a bird directly onto the background. 

It even comes with a key in the front with even more images to use.  😍

I also picked up the latest issue of Somerset Studio. I love all the magazines in the Somerset line but I only treat myself to one every now and then. This one looks like it’s full of juicy art stuffs and I can’t wait to start pouring over it tonight when all the littles are in bed. 💤😊

Liquitex Pouring Medium


liquitex pouring medium and pebeo studio acrylic  on encaustic board
I loooooove pouring medium. It’s one of those mediums that never turn out exactly the same way twice. I’m pretty sure it’s a form of sorcery. 

Today my sweet babe took an unexpected (but only 15 minute) nap. As soon as I realized his little peepers were shut I RAN to get my apron on and supplies assembled. Pouring medium is MESSY and it’s best to be as prepared as possible. At least the way I do it. 😂 Maybe there’s a better way? Nah! 


liquitex pouring medium
Today I mixed my Pebeo Studio Acrylic (hola scrumptious colors) directly with Liquitex Pouring Medium in little individual bottles. I applied the mixture directly to my encaustic board. You don’t have to use encaustic board, I happened to get a pack of them on clearance. I love them. 😍 I hoard them. I covet them. This was my last one. I am now a little sad-ish. 

After the paint had been poured, there wasn’t enough fluidity for it to move around like I wanted so I added more of the pouring medium on top of the mixed paint. I tilted this way, then that way and watched the magic happen. The colors swirled and mixed delightfully right before me eyes (FYI – I said that in me pirate voice). 

The photos above are after the first pour. I’ll probably pour a few coats because I like how it looks when it’s all smooth and shiny and thick. Maybe I’ll find a quote and stamp it on the surface?  I’ll have to wait to see if my tiny boss will take another snooze! 💤