On My Bookshelf: Daring Adventures in Paint by Mati Rose

I LOVE this book. I say that a lot when it comes to the art books I have. What can I say? I choose well! 😉


This book is overflowing with creative goodness. In addition to the art instruction there are also inspiring sections about Mati’s artist friends. There is a ton of practical workshop-type instruction included as well as encouraging and motivating art/life advice. 


It’s one of those books that will have you jumping out of your chair and grabbing your art supplies so you can *do* instead of just reading about a technique. She explains everything in a very easy to understand format and the step by step, color photos are dreamy. 


You can buy her book Daring Adventures in Paint: Find Your Flow, Trust Your Path, and Discover Your Authentic Voice-Techniques for Painting, Sketching, and Mixed Media HERE
You can visit Mati’s site here

Here’s the very beginning of a project inspired by this book. 



Harbor Freight Tools Rolling Cart

Harbor Freight Rolling Red Cart

Hello beautiful!

So, I’ve been procrastinating on hitting buy on the IKEA Raskog cart for a ridiculously long time now. Like over a year. Which is a stupid long time.

At this point I don’t even remember why. I think it was because I thought it might be too small and was secretly hoping for a better option to magically appear. But that pretty turquoisey blue color kept drawing me back in.

I imagined how nice it would look in my dreamy art studio. {Insert screeching brakes sound here} And then I’m back to the reality where I don’t have an art studio because my dedicated crafty space is in a closet. 😂 It’s an awesome closet and I love it, but space for pretty things is at an absolute minimum. I couldn’t justify the too small cart based in its gorgeous color.

scrapbook room small space closet
scrapbook room small space closet

scrapbook room small space closet

I’m usually pretty impulsive when it comes to purchases and I can justify just about any craft related expense. This is one of those times where my wait paid off. I happen to catch my friend Kip talking about her new cart from Harbor Freight. The only two requirements I had were that it was well-made (aka not rickety) and that it was ander 37″ high so that I could fit under my workspace. Kip assured me that the cart was super sturdy. I was pleasantly surprised to see the description online state that the cart could hold 450 lbs😳👏

Harbor Freight Red Rolling 30 In. x 16 In. Three Shelf Steel Service Cart .JPG

It’s sold as a cart for the garage and moving your tools around. The reviews had people using it for various duties all the way from bar & grill cart to a rolling table (with the top shelf installed upside down to create a table) for a heavy drill press. I figured it sounded more than sufficient to hold my paints & glue! 😂

Harbor Freight Red Rolling 30 In. x 16 In. Three Shelf Steel Service Cart .JPG

Another pleasant surprise was the $50 price which sounded like a great deal.There was only one last hurdle before I could hit buy! It had to fit under my counter. I had an empty space where only the perfect height of cart or drawers could go. Annnnnnd? It fit with a few inches to spare!!

Harbor Freight Red Rolling 30 In. x 16 In. Three Shelf Steel Service Cart .JPG

I made the executive decision that our newest little bundle of goodness would like to gift it to me for his first Mother’s Day ever. He was sleeping at the time so he was unable to protest.

Harbor Freight Red Rolling 30 In. x 16 In. Three Shelf Steel Service Cart .JPG

The cart was super easy to put together. Or at least it was super easy to watch my husband put it together! 😂😂😂 But seriously, he said it was no probs.

Harbor Freight Red Rolling 30 In. x 16 In. Three Shelf Steel Service Cart .JPG

Can I just say… It. Is. Glorious. I love every single thing about it. After he put it together I was busy plotting what I would move from my counter and door shelves to the new cart. First thing the next morning after taking kids to school, I was in the Dollar Store collecting a few different bins & boxes. I didn’t want anything with a cover as I wanted easy access to my most used items. Six bucks later I was in my way home to play. Squeeeee! I love organizing crafty goodness. Here are some photos of how I’ve stored my goodies. 🎨

I have organized many of my most used painting & mixed media supplies all in one spot. One of the best things about this cart is the heavy-duty casters which allow me to roll the cart outside to paint in the backyard.

AZ tropical backyard with palm trees and pool

I can’t wait to paint out here

Right now, if you click on this link, Harbor Freight will deduct 20% from one item in your cart. Once you are on the Harbor Freight site, just enter code #6650 into their search bar at the top of the screen. That should take you directly to their three shelf Steel Service Cart. Please make sure the discount is there before you check out as there is no way to re-do the transaction after the fact.

Creativebug – Craft Classes & Workshops Free Trial

Start your 2-week free trial

As I was perusing the internet yesterday I ran across a site called Creativebug. I think I stumbled on it once before but I may have been on a self-imposed spending hiatus at the time so I didn’t sign up. When I was on the site the other day I noticed the free trial and after that membership is only $4.95 a month.

Here’s a description from their site…

Creativebug brings the best of arts and crafts video classes in sewing, knitting, crochet, art, and more. Our distinctive videos capture the spirit of in-person teaching, so you feel you are learning alongside a good friend, with instructors who have been featured in top publications including Martha Stewart Living, O Magazine, and Vogue. Creativebug delivers expert instruction and inspiration straight to your favorite device so you can learn at your own pace – anytime and anywhere. Each month you subscribe, you earn 1 credit to save your favorite class to your library, which will be yours to watch forever. Access to these classes will never expire and unused credits will roll over to the following month so you can start a personalized collection that reflects your talents and aspirations. Sign up now and get a 2-week free trial to our premium classes.

So seriously – as an online workshop/class junkie, how can I possibly beat five bucks a month for what feels like a personal lesson from top-tier talent on all different creative topics? Creativebug has classes on so many different hobbies and creative forms it’s crazy – Sewing, Crochet, Print Making, Ceramics, Watercolor, Home Decor, Collage, and so much more. Today I’ve been swooning over Yao Cheng and her amazing watercolor art. I watched her videos today and seriously learned so many tips and tricks that I didn’t know. The videos were of such high quality that I literally felt like I was right there in the room with her. The close ups are amazing and her way of explaining exactly what she’s doing and why was so helpful.

I hope you’ll give it a try if you see any classes that interest you.