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Encaustic Art

I’ve been trying to put my fringe hours (link to a great book on tips for using your Fringe Hours) to good use lately. I’ve always been good at finding little pockets of time and using them to my advantage, but with a new baby that does NOT nap, it’s the only way I can […]

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Abstract Arrows

Ahhhhh, deep breath. Smile. That’s exactly how I feel right now, with a healthy dose of giddy thrown in. My itty bitty took a quick nap this morning (all the other smalls & mediums were still sleeping) so I pulled out some of my favorite colors together (which is hard when they are ALL my […]

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Space to Play

Sometimes it’s fun to play for no other reason than to experiment and have fun. Actually if I ever hope to create something meaningful, it’s a necessity. How else do you fill those 10,000 hours (if you need to) on your way to learn a craft? I constantly have to remind myself of this oh-so-good […]

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