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Walt Disney World Wednesday 6/18

Swoon… As seen in the gift shop at the Polynesian Love to relax and soak in the elegance at the Grand Floridian. Grand piano or band playing in the background, ladies having afternoon tea and weary travellers coming back for an afternoon break. Hmmmm – almost ready to board the happiest cruise that ever sailed ’round the world! […]

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Walt Disney World Wednesday 4/30

Ahhh, who doesn’t love to reminisce about a trip to Disney?? Part of the fun comes in planning your trip, the next part is in taking your trip and the rest comes in reliving your trip thru memories and photos! It seems I can never take enough photos when in WDW, but usually a small […]

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What I Love About Disney World – DeVine Surprises

One minute it’s just the Animal Kingdom landscape – bushes, trees, whatever. The next minute you hear gasps and surprised laughter. Enter DeVine. She’s the lady that is camouflaged in the trees until a slight movement gets your attention. Then she emerges and walks around. Just another little magical layer I love about Disney World.

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