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What I Love About Disney World – DeVine Surprises

One minute it’s just the Animal Kingdom landscape – bushes, trees, whatever. The next minute you hear gasps and surprised laughter. Enter DeVine. She’s the lady that is camouflaged in the trees until a slight movement gets your attention. Then she emerges and walks around. Just another little magical layer I love about Disney World.

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What I Love About Disney World – Hero Worship

I love that I can find this photo from 2006 and be instantly transported back to this exact moment. I was standing in a short line with my little guy who was almost 4 at the time. He completely and utterly worshipped Buzz Lightyear. We were alone while the other kids were off on a […]

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Things I Love About Disney World – Parades

I mean who doesn’t love a parade, right? You’d have to be a total scrooge to not enjoy a Disney parade! I do refuse, however, to stake out a parade viewing spot. I also appreciate how easy it is to walk on certain rides during said parade. I am perfectly happy to view the parade […]

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